What is BigCommerce For WordPress (BC4WP)?

The BigCommerce For WordPress (BC4WP) plugin allows you to leverage the powerful ecommerce capabilities of BigCommerce in perfect partnership with the class leading content management and SEO features of WordPress. The BC4WP plugin is free and includes a huge range of functionality that will help you provide the best possible customer experience as well as maximising revenue potential. You can check out our demo of BC4WP here.

Key features

Seamless integration between WordPress and BigCommerce: BigCommerce invested significantly in the integration between their platform and WordPress, and they have done a fantastic job. The end result makes it feel like the BigCommerce store is a native part of the website and it is highly customisable.

Improved SEO potential: WordPress has always been one of the best platforms when it comes to SEO and this integration makes the most of that potential. You can use the advanced blogging and content features of WordPress to build your brand while BigCommerce takes care of the ecommerce side of things.

Maximum speed: Because you host WordPress on your own servers, you can easily improve performance by investing in faster architecture. If you use our cloud hosting, you can instantly scale your infrastructure ahead of expected traffic spikes or in response to unexpected demand.

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